Father’s Day Grill Plate

The Mom that Jack Built - Father's Day Grill Plate

Father’s Day is fast approaching and I am hard at work on this year’s father’s day gifts.  I will post about those soon, but for now, I will share with you my hubby’s favorite father’s day gift so far.  It was his very first father’s day gift. Jack was 8 months old and I knew that I wanted to make a grill plate with his hand and foot prints on it.  I hit up Pinterest and searched and searched looking for something that my limited drawing skills could pull off.  I found an adorable plate with a foot made into a person standing next to a grill with handprint flames.  I saved the picture on my phone and Jack and I headed off to the ceramics studio.  Just the two of us.  I was confident delusional.

When we arrived at the studio I gathered all my supplies and wheeled Jack’s stroller over to a table.  First up, the hand print.  Jack had other ideas and they did not involve hand prints.  While he fussed and fidgeted, I wiped the red and yellow smear off the plate and realized I needed a new plan.  Not only was the handprint out, but he clearly did not have the patience to sit and watch while I sketched out all the little details the original plan entailed.  While I read a story and bounced him on my knee, it hit me.  I would turn his footprint into a steak.  That would take minimal effort and time and it would still be adorable (I hoped.)

First up, I started with a plain, unpainted plate.  Normally, I would have painted the whole plate a background color and let it dry.  If your little one is in a cooperative mood you might have better luck with that.

Next, I chose a dark-ish red that I hoped looked meaty and made a single footprint in the middle of the plate.  I entertained Jack while the footprint dried.  It only took a few minutes.  When it was dry, I painted a thick, white line around the footprint to make it look like the fat around the cut of meat.  Then, using puffy white paint, I added marbling to the foot and WHA-LAH!  It looked like a steak!

Wording was next.  I used the paint pen to free-hand the text, “Dad’s Grill” above the footprint and “featuring Jack’s fine steaks *aged 8 mo.” below.  Jack had settled in with a snack by this point so I decided to add a red border around the plate and jazz it up with some black polka-dots.  I signed it on the front so that it would always be visible (okay, that’s a lie.  I forgot to write it on the back before I started painting and I couldn’t wait for it to dry to flip it over and do it on the back.  It sounded good though.)   Finished!

Here is my oh-so-enthusiastic little artist posing with the finished plate before it was fired.

The Mom that Jack Built - Father's Day Grill Plate

And below is what the plate looks like today.  It has been three years and it’s still going strong.  Hubby loves to use it when he is grilling.  We take pretty good care of it in hopes that it will last many more years.  It never goes in the dishwasher and never soaks in the sink.  It also gets placed on a high shelf in the cupboard to avoid chips and scratches.

The Mom that Jack Built - Father's Day Grill Plate  The Mom that Jack Built - Father's Day Grill Plate

The Mom that Jack Built - Father's Day Grill Plate  The Mom that Jack Built - Father's Day Grill Plate


Have you made a father’s day grill plate?  I would love to see it!  Post a picture and show yours off!


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