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This morning I was sitting in Jack’s bedroom with him, reading stories in the rocking chair, and I looked over to the window.  I noticed the little sliver of wall between the window pane and the plantation shutters, and it made me smile.  For a moment, I was transported back to the baby days and Jack’s dreamy “it’s a small world” nursery.  We painted the room before we had the shutters installed, so now a little tiny piece of his nursery is preserved. We are working on designing his big boy room and have stripped away most of the small world elements.  I miss it and I’m grateful for my little time capsule in the window.

Before I even got pregnant, I knew I wanted an “it’s a small world” nursery.  I spent ages scouring the internet trying to figure out how I would pull it off if I ever decided to have a baby (I call it being a planner, my family calls it a sickness.  They are probably right.)  I found an amazing “it’s a small world” nursery on Instructables and knew that it was the nursery of my dreams!  The gentleman who designed it gives a basic outline of how he pulled it together and sells his images as vector files for a small fee.  Click here to see the nursery he designed and purchase the graphics. Keep reading for the details of how I put my nursery together.

When we purchased our home, Jack’s room was a blue so dark it was nearly black so we started off with a LOT of Kilz primer.  Once we had the blue covered, we gave the entire room a fresh coat of white.  We decided how high up on the wall we wanted the decals to sit and painted the wall light blue from a few inches below that line to the ceiling. Hubby then marked off with painters tape where we wanted the two-tone strip of water to sit, with the top being where the decals would sit.  We gave the strip very gentle curves on top so that the decals would sit more evenly on top of the waterline.  The colors we used were the Behr Disney paints from Home Depot which are now discontinued. You could ask at your Home Depot if they still have the color formulas in the computer.  The shades used were Mickey’s Gloves (white), Bother Free Blue (light blue sky), Blue Wonder (blue water), and Sea Song (green water.)

We purchased the graphics from the Instructables tutorial and used Microsoft Excel to scale and print the images on full-sheet clear labels.  My dad altered the image of Big Ben to reflect the time my son was born.  We cut out the images and applied them to the walls.  The only problem I encountered was wherever the label overlapped the blue water, the water did show through and the images did not stand out as much.  This was only a real problem with a few images that were largely over the water, such as the buoy, etc.  I tried printing them out on full-sheet white labels.  That solved the issue of the wall color showing through, but the adhesive on the white labels was not as strong as on the clear labels, and they didn’t adhere to my textured walls as well.  If I had to go back and do it again, I may have taken the time to paint the wall under those few images white and then layer the label on top.

To finish off the room, we installed a sun shaped light fixture from Ikea and decorated with items purchased during a pregnancy-induced shopping spree at Disneyland.  We purchased a Mary Blair “it’s a small world” pillow for the rocking chair, a replica of the “Partners” statue, and an Olszewski Gallery of Light box. I also included a Jiminy Cricket figure reminding to “always let your conscience be your guide” that I found at Hallmark.

The icing on the cake was the quilt.  My mother-in-law makes beautiful quilts.  I gave her a color palette and print-outs of some of the images we had purchased for the walls.  At my shower, she presented us with the most amazing quilt I could have imagined.  The animal print on the back even resembles the style of the ride.  After Jack was born, she stitched his time of birth onto Big Ben.

The final product was a tranquil yet playful space that felt light, airy, and soothing.  As an added bonus, it was easy to pull together and didn’t cost a lot of money!

Are you working on your own “it’s a small world” nursery? Do you have a different idea of what makes a dream nursery?  I’d love to hear about it or see pictures!    Share your thoughts in the comment section below.


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  1. All I can say is WOW! You are amazing. What a wonderful idea and you do it so well. I am so impressed. Can’t wait to see more.

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