New content coming in June!

It’s been two months since the official launch of The Mom that Jack Built!  I haven’t posted much yet, but with good reason.  I have been spending the last six months or so working furiously on planning a family Disney vacation.  If you know me, you will know that this is the equivalent of a full time job for me!  I obsessively carefully plan each day of the trip in great detail.  There is nothing I hate more than spending hours of precious vacation time with “What do you want to do now?” “I don’t know, what do you want to do?” or eat fast food because nobody planned ahead and made reservations.  It would probably kill me to spontaneously go on vacation.  Seriously, nobody surprise me with a trip!

In addition, a Disney trip means I feel the need to MAKE EVERYTHING DISNEY UNDER THE SUN!  My craftiness goes into mega-overdrive and the people close to me slowly back away and go into hiding lest they be pressed into service.  Just a few of the items I’ve made over the last several months include: magnets, luggage tags, T-Shirts, pillowcase, custom men’s camp shirt, camera strap, and much more!  This has left no time for blogging and even less for sleep (hello 3 a.m. bedtime!)

The good news is that, starting in June, I will have a PLETHORA of content to blog about and the time to actually write up all these great tutorials!  The methods I used can be applied to any theme project, but, if you are into Disney, you will win the Disney tutorial jackpot!

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Also, if you are here because you bumped into me on said Disney trip, a special welcome to you!  Thanks for joining me and I hope your trip was magical!!

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